The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments

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Lyme Disease: The New Epidemic

Lyme Disease is one of the most stubborn, treatment-resistant infections in the world. It is also spreading rapidly on all continents. Recent research indicates that, in addition to tick bites, Lyme Disease may also be transmitted by sexual contact and bites from other insects.

Borrelia Burgdorferi, the elusive and dangerous bacteria responsible for Lyme Disease, can mimic many seemingly unrelated diseases, leading to frequent misdiagnosis of the infection.

More difficult than diagnosing Lyme Disease is successfully treating it. In many cases, standard antibiotic treatment fails and symptoms persist. When this occurs, Lyme Disease becomes chronic, leading to indefinite suffering.

As a result of misdiagnosis, low treatment success rates, and the worldwide prevalence of this insidious infection, Lyme Disease is becoming a burgeoning threat to public health. In fact, it is estimated that there are more than 200,000 new Lyme Disease cases per year in the United States alone―many of which are not diagnosed and treated properly. Lyme Disease represents a clear and present danger to the health of hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries.

The Top 10 Treatments

Written by bestselling author/journalist Bryan Rosner this book introduces you to 10 of the world's most effective Lyme Disease treatments and supplements:
The 5 Core Treatment Protocols
  1. The Antibiotic Rotation Protocol
  2. The Marshall Protocol
  3. The Salt / Vitamin C Protocol
  4. Detoxification
  5. Electromedicine (Rife Therapy)
The 5 Supportive Supplements
  1. Systemic Enzymes
  2. Mangosteen
  3. Lithium Orotate
  4. Co-Enzyme Q10
  5. Magnesium

A Comprehensive Guide

In addition to the above treatments and supplements, the book also equips you with a wealth of supportive information:
  • An exclusive interview with Willy Burgdorfer, Ph.D., the man who discovered Lyme Disease.
  • Hot-off-the-press clinical research from James Schaller, MD a Lyme literate medical doctor (LLMD) who practices medicine in Florida. Dr. Schaller's research focuses on Lyme Disease co-infections such as Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella, as well as indoor mold toxins and their negative health effects.
  • Instructions for sauna therapy with dry heat, steam, and ozone.
  • Practical, hands-on guidelines for using antibiotics, with analysis of more than 20 different kinds of pharmaceutical antibiotics, herbal antibiotics, and IV antibiotics. How to order specialized antibiotics from compounding pharmacies. A look at antibiotic categories, mechanisms of action, and therapy optimization.
  • Discover the amplified effects of antibiotics when they are used as part of the Marshall Protocol, and read a 10-page section on the author's personal experience with the Marshall Protocol. The entire Marshall Protocol is explained in clear and simple terms, so you can finally understand this mysterious treatment.
  • Diet and lifestyle considerations with discussion of processed sugar, exercise, liver health, and digestion.
  • An in-depth tutorial on Lyme Disease bacteria including bacterial pathology, lifecycle activities, and transformational capabilities. Special coverage of microorganisms in mental illness and autoimmunity.
  • Political and legal challenges facing Lyme patients and physicians, including the difficult and unpopular diagnosis process, and the current hostile treatment environment. Find out how to be self-reliant and take control of your healing.
  • Sunlight and artificial light, and how they impact the recovery process.
  • Critical information on mercury toxicity with an explanation of why mercury poisoning often accompanies Lyme Disease. Evaluation of several methods of mercury testing and detoxification.
  • Coverage of allergies, anti-inflammatory drugs, acid/alkaline pH, electromagnetic treatments, sources to purchase affordable supplements, and much more!
  • The book concludes with a chapter that goes beyond just telling you about the treatments―it shows you how to integrate them into a comprehensive treatment plan, and it provides practical guidelines you can actually use.

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