Conditions of Use


Use every product with appropriate care and at your own risk. We are in no way responsible for how you use these products. We make no medical claims regarding their use. No liability is taken for any issues arising out of the use or misuse of items for sale on this website. No medical advice is offered or supplied. Make sure you have read the disclaimer before proceeding with your order and take full responsibility for your health.
All goods are shipped from South Africa. You need to make absolutely sure that your country will allow the products through your customs. Since each product is compounded specially for you after payment is made, we cannot refund shipments that are rejected by your customs and returned to us.
Your order will usually take 3 working days to compound and ship packing. Thereafter, following payment, it takes:
  • 2-3 weeks to get throughout the world, Europe usually taking 2 weeks and the USA 3 weeks.
If you have paid via direct deposit, then you need to e-mail proof of payment to:
Credit card orders are processed immediately, though please take note to allow the transaction enough time to process without refreshing your browser. Some credit cards take a little longer than expected and opting out to soon can interfere with the authorization process.
Thank you.
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